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Want to find out why friends, family, colleagues and customers call this amazing water "Happy Water"? Kangen water is super-hydrating, anti-oxidizing, detoxifying and alkalizing.

We know it may seem hard to believe that something as simple as water can have such a profound effect on overall health, but when you stop to consider that at least 70% of your body is made of water, it starts to make sense. But you don't have to take our word for it -- try some of this "happy water" for yourself and see first-hand results.

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How Important Is pH, really?

pH and Your Body
A healthy body is slightly alkaline, with a pH around 7.4. Your body always strives to maintain this important pH balance. But when a body becomes too acidic, either from eating too many acid-producing foods (processed food, meat, dairy, artificial sweeteners) or from consuming too few alkaline-producing foods (such as fresh fruit and vegetables), your body's ability to balance pH levels becomes impaired. This is when illness occurs. 

If your body becomes too acidic, you become much more susceptible to disease and conditions, including: acid reflux, heartburn, obesity, fibromyalgia, lack of energy, digestive problems, seasonal and food allergies, arthritis (and other problems ... 

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